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As has been documented on my blog the UK install did not give you everything it should have. Autodesks’ immediate fix, was to recommend installing the USA metric families. This does not provide everything.

Previously I reviewed what you should get and what’s missing once you have downloaded the USA Metric and created what should have been installed in the first place.

Autodesk have now release Autodesk_Revit_Structure_2012Update_1_Content (zip-33.4MB) which is strangely available from the Autodesk Revit Structure Services & Support Page – Product Download page and not Updates page, where one would logically expect an Update to be?

The structure within this Guide has been based upon :-

What installed in UK RST2012
What installed as a US Metric Library
Cross referenced with what was in RST 2011 UK Install

Material within the Content Update 1 released on the 10th July 2011 is shown as ü
Content not included in Update 1 released on the 10th July 2011 is shown as û

Click Here to download this Guide in Adobe pdf format.

Whilst I applaud Autodesk for actually providing a list of content within the RST2012 Update 1 Content  package they still have not explained why this content is included in the Update etc. In the main it appears to be an attempt to provide the missing templates that did not install for the UK and other countries

There is one family that is not template related i.e. the Rebar Shape 33 – that is contained within Update 1, however none of the material removed or missing from the rest of the library that is documented in my library guide to 2012 posted on my blog on the 15th April is included within Update 1

My constant request to Autodesk over the last five years has been:-

Each folder should have a basic *.txt file that should contain the following:-

Number of files in the folder
Number and Names of Files Deleted ~ (with some explanation of why they have been removed)
Number and Names of New Files Added~ (with some explanation of why they have been added)
Number and Names of Files Modified ~ ( or updated and why?)

Where Manufactures specific content is supplied it would be useful to have a hyperlink to their web site or information within the familiy, that is after all what the I in BIM is all about! 

Revit is about BIM
BIM is about Information
Information is about good communications
Autodesk you are poor communicators
Your User Base expects and deserves better

6/10 Do Better

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