Sunday, 31 July 2011

Revit System Wall Families - UK Localisation

Ralph Pullinger and I are looking at developing a UK Based System Wall Family Template, and we require your help. But in order to do so you will need a little background information and briefing on the kind of information we need to know.

During the composition of a presentation entitled “Family Planning ~ First Encounters” for the ninth meeting of LRUG the London Revit User Group, I contacted Ralph Pullinger Autodesks’ Structural Technical Specialist, Northern Europe about the disappearance of the GRBENU_Walls.rvt system file from the Autodesk Web site and a long discussion about the need for Autodesk Revit localised family content took place.

For those of you that are not aware of what the GRBENU_Walls.rvt was, I blogged about it way back in January 2008. The naming convention for this system had problems in that it was not documented and was not  consistent in the use of upper and lower case, spelling and use. However it was a good first attempt at creating a UK and Europe Wall System Family.

So our mission is to create a new UK Wall System Family and here is the brief and pre-requisites, it:-
·         Must satisfy historical, current and future needs
·         Be flexible
·         Have a naming convention that is clear and easy to understand
·         Be consistent
·         Include material properties (the I in BIM) weight, thermal, strength etc.
·         Be properly documented for the end user.

The manufactures literature from both block and insulation manufacturers have provided many forms of wall make ups that will achieve or exceed the Building Regulations Part L U-values of the day, however we would like you to contribute by providing information about what forms of walls constructions have been and are currently actually being specified and used on real live schemes.

Thus we will be able to construct a UK Wall System family that is true representation of UK building practice.

This ties in quite nicely with the fact that AUGIuk working in conjunction with AUGI have arranged for Revit Localisation (OK they used the “z” instead of the s) UK Forums, which have just been set up under the AUGI Revit Forums.

Localisation Discussions related to localisation or regional issues of Revit Architecture.
Localisation Discussions related to localisation or regional issues of Revit Structure.
Localisation Discussions related to localisation or regional issues of Revit MEP.

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