Thursday, 22 October 2009

Advantage Pack ~ A Sham of a Mockery, of a Travesty!

Bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6am this morning I was downloading the Advantage Pack. I had to go to site first thing and when I returned mid day one could not get onto the Autodesk Subscription page to download.

So you ask why did I need to go back on to the Subscription Centre having already harvested all the good stuff in the morning. Well when I did get into the office I tried running the RST 2010 32 bit Advantage Pack and got this Error message.

I’m not alone, one other individual on the AUGI web site has posted with the same problem and his also in the UK and he could also not get onto the subscription page to look for guidance or a solution to the problem.

Either there are not many RST users out there or we Structures guys are just less vocal but just now there are 42 posts about the upgrade on AUGI Revit Architecture General Forum and only 10 on Structures General ( And I’ve posted 3 of them!)

Finally I asked Scott Latch ~ Revit Architecture Product Manager to get Wai to let us know whats going on ~ His posting on AUGI says

“Hi Alan and all (UK users),
Sorry for the delay as I am still a bit tied up the launch of the Subscription Advantage Pack issues and yes since this morning I have discussed with the development team about this issue and we are trying to fix it now. We are working to release a new patch or build in the next couple of days to solve this issue. Once it's available, I will let all of you know.”

So there you have it…….. they build you up ....... then knock you down.
Next time make it two days later, but work first time.

Bad news for you Revit Architecture Users Too
Although you have the structural tools now the content to back them up is missing! - Scott Latch has posted that his lookinig into the problem.. keep an eye here for more info
Not sure what's happening over at MEP......

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