Saturday, 31 October 2009

YouTube Video Tutorials by Seandburke

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Revit - Creating Exploded Isometric Views ~12 August 2009 (Low Volume on this Video)
This technique covers step-by-step how to split a building into slices, in this case horizontal, but vertical sections would also be effective. You can use this technique for many purposes, to illustrate the separate systems which make up a building, to show a detail in 3D, or just to create the traditional

You are here maps, ubiquitous in the shopping mall world. Hopefully this gives you some new presentation techniques, or if you havent used Revit 2010 yet, Ill help you find the orient to view tool.

Revit - Working with Backgrounds ~ 13 August 2009
Working with background images in Revit Architecture is not difficult, if you know some basic techniques.Revit does not support background images directly, but does allow background effects.

This video explores the possiblities within Revit, and what you can do with the images post-process in image-editing software. What better way to integrate your project site context, or insert your project into otherwordly locales; 3ds Max not required.

Revit - Entourage Workflow ~ 14 August 2009
If you want to concurrently work in Revit for creating construction documents, and visualizations, you must learn to separate logically. Digital entourage such as RPC content, or people cars and trees can coexist in your building information model.

This video shows how you can use worksets to contain elements you do not want visible in all views.

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