Saturday, 3 October 2009

Revit Structure Services and Support ~ Lack of Content II

I'm having another Victor Meldrew Moment!
Back in May in my posting Revit Structure Services and Support ~ Lack of Content I reported that there is nothing to be found under Skill Builders and posed the questions:-

  • Has someone forgotten to upload the information
  • Does the information Exist?
  • Is it coming soon and if so when?
I asked that if anyone from Autodesk was looking (and I know they do, because it shows up on my sitemeter information) for them to "please email me with some answers to my observations and questions"

In the posting in May, I also said I would let you know when anything appears!

Well it has.....Harian Brumm of The Revit Clinic Blog has posted that the new skill builder: Working with Title blocks and Sheets in Revit is available. The link take you to the Revit Architectural Skill Builders Page but it's also been uploaded to the Revit Structures Skill Builders Page...

It's the only thing there!

Take a look at what is on the Revit Architecture Services & Support compaired to the Revit Structures area on the screen shots above.

Come on Autodesk..... give the Revit Structures users the same level of support that you do to Revit Architecture users.

One article which some nice person has decided is applicable to Revit Structure as well as Revit Architecture is frankly pathetic and "I don't beelieeve it!

And in the spirit of Victor "Come on Autodesk, for God sake stop sitting on your hands, with your thumbs up your bums, and support your bloody Revit Structure users ".

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