Tuesday, 20 October 2009

NEWS ~ Subscription Advantage Pack for Revit

Last week I received a Revit Blogger Day Invitation from Autodesk Marketing to attend a small web event between members of the Revit product team and a handful of active Revit bloggers.

Autodesk are preparing to release new Revit functionality to Subscription members and have extend the invitation to a handful of active Revit bloggers to have the opportunity to get a pre-release look at the functionality.

The web meeting /teleconference is being held using Adobe Connect to host the web conference.

I had never heard of this particular product but found a tutorial about it’s use on YouTube from a Google search (don’t you just love Google and YouTube)

There is no NDA for this event, and I’ve been informed that once the presentation starts, I’m welcome to blog about it (or tweet, etc). Thus this posting timed to post at the start of the web meeting / teleconference.

We have been asked not to recording the presentation and posting it to YouTube. The content that has been created is intended for active bloggers and not the broader audience.

Only functionality that’s being released in the upcoming Subscription Advantage Pack is to be discussed at the meeting.

So keep your eyes open, once the meetings over in about an hour and a half, active bloggers will post about the highlights of the upcoming Subscription Advantage Pack. I will upload information about the meeting and what's coming as soon as I've completed typing it up.

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