Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Draft Revit NBL Content - Feedback 1

Looking at Stephens feedback over lunch, I have commented on the Linked-In Group as follows

R)“Historic Walls are unlikely to be in the first release” IMHO you need to re consider this in order to make the UK System Wall Family worth adopting in the first place. Not all projects are new builds, there are more refurbishment projects going on at the moment than new builds.

In addition Feedback C) Re U-Values – Your Wall family needs to be built around historical wall configurations that have been used from Victorian times to present day. Yes you need to include wall configurations that meet U-values, there is zero value or benefit in providing wall configurations that will not. They can still be generic re the actual makes of materials used.

IMHO you need to look at the published literature by the likes of Celcon, Thermailte, etc and look at the current configurations that meet or exceed the current requirements and adopt those configurations in your library that are already actually being specified by Architects. With the BIM Academy’ and the NBS association with RIBA you have a direct path to that information; it would be folly not to take advantage of it. Carl has offered his list and I'm guessing David Light might share his list of wall configurations if asked.

Currently your range of names is extremely limited, so limited in fact that you have not scoping out all the materials that may make up a wall configuration which is a key element in compiling and creating a naming convention.

Even if you don’t actually have all the Walls in the first release you need to scope out and publish the list perhaps in a format like the spreadsheet that Ralph and I were using. David Light has posted that HOK did exactly the same as you are doing and wasted a heap of valuable time and money in the process, please re-consider and learn by his companies’ mistake because hindsight is an exact science.

Any salesman will tell you that unless you can clearly demonstrate the “Benefit” & “Investment Merit” to your prospect that has a “Requirement” you will never "Close" the sale which in your case is getting your system adopted by end users of Revit type systems.

New Revit Users in the UK need (have a Requirement) for a UK set of System Wall Families because Autodesk no longer supply one

Benefits of NBL Families – Time Saving is one but Only if they are complete and easy to understand and use, I’m sure Clare Watson will find you many more benefits for you, in fact I recall seeing a page on your web site about benefits somewhere.

But without that list of “Real” benefits you will not get that “Investment Merit” that leads a “Close” by adoption by the user base, even if they are FREE.


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