Sunday, 27 November 2011

Help Paul Oakley, help Autodesk, help you, and new users

It's great to see that at least two people on the GRUG user group will feed information back to Paul Oakley see posting below.

When Ralph Pullinger and I were looking for actual wall configurations that have been specified and used over the last 15 years and asked for the UK Revit Users help and assistance we were surprised at the lack of feedback and the general level of apathy that existing users exhibit.

Users out there have the knowledge and experience of what they have actually had to source or create because the out of the box were content lacking. It’s a list of those families that Paul needs so that new users and perhaps older users who have not happened upon an item that is missing yet don’t have the pain of searching various sources or making their own.

By not helping Paul help AutoCAD help Revit Users, you are not keeping your commercial advantage, you ARE just inhibiting the development of the program and BIM generally. Also if you don’t help, then you can’t really complain about the lack of content in the future.

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