Saturday, 12 November 2011

Draft Revit NBL Content – Review Part 4

This Draft Content was released on the 8th and they are having a meeting on the 14th to discuss feedback. IMHO the NBS have not left enough time for people to even find out that the material has been release, let alone time to get sufficient feedback in order to make informed decisions on the way forward.

They seem to forget that it’s only BIM geeks like those people that have left feedback within three days of the release because we fit and pack these things in tightly around our working and private lives that are going to react and even we are having problems looking at the whole package within the existing timeframe.

(To be honest most of our wives are computer and revit / BIM widows during the evening – Now why would any man want to watch Emmerdale,  Coronation Street and Eastenders when he can be playing with Revit)

I have pointed the lack of time out to the NBS and made a request for an extension of time, which has be ceremoniously ignored, and no justification for the rush given. Obviously milestone are more important than working in collaboration or in a BIM or IPD way!

To get the maximum amount of feedback for the NBS we could have announced the release of the Content for review at next weeks LRUG London Revit User Group meeting, other RUGs are also having meetings soon and could have done the same.

So if you are reading this please download the Content, have a quick look and get over to the Linked-in group and leave some feedback before Sunday.

OK I’m now looking at the Internal Walls and if I get time will try and post something over the weekend if I can fit it in around life the universe and everything else.

As you see I did finally find a picture of a Goldfish on a Push Bike ;0)

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