Tuesday, 18 December 2007

AUGI e-Learning Program

AUGI is pleased to offer AUGI e-Learning, a program that offers AUGI members a selection of video tutorials focusing on various Autodesk products, including Revit Architecture 2008. Course Outline - pdf

AUGI, in conjunction with CADLearning, is making video lessons available every month to AUGI members at no charge. These video lessons teach individual product concepts and features. Every month, new lessons in each course series will be available. Completion of the full course will take 12 to 18 months at the one-section-per-month rate.

AUGI members wanting to expedite the learning process may purchase an entire course outright. AUGI has negotiated a 20 percent discount for our members who wish to purchase courses. Visit AUGI.CADLearning.com for more information and complete course outlines.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Structural Integrators (SI) Tools for Revit Structure

Structural Integrators, LLC a company founded by Elizabeth Shulok in August 2007 have released a Revit Structure Add-in that provides advanced selection capabilities for structural members.

Select all columns on a level, regardless of type, with one click, or use the Advanced Selection dialog to select multiple types of beams, columns and walls to add to your selection.

This product is free to Structural Integrators registered users.

This is the first free product release by Structural Integrators, they can provide custom bespoke routines and add-ins for your firm, automating in-house practices for Revit Structure.

For more information contact Elizabeth via their web site at http://www.structuralintegrators.com/contact.php

Friday, 14 December 2007

Quick Start Revit Structure 2008 Update......

Francis Leung has been in touch about purchasing his book, Until his book is available outside of Honk Kong, if you email him at franciscsl@netvigator.com he will invoice you using paypal – once the money has been transferred the book gets shipped.

Cost to the UK taking the current exchange rate between HKD and GBP means the cost are approximately.

Book + Packing and Land Shipping = £ 23.50 approx
Book + Packing and Air Shipping = £ 19.90 approx

Saturday, 8 December 2007

The First Revit Structure Book has been written.

Wai Chu of BIM & BEAM fame reported on his blog page on the 5th Nov that Francis Leung a Revit Structure power user from Hong Kong has written a book called "Quick Start Revit Structure 2008. Wai gives an email address franciscsl@netvigator.com to contact Francis to find out more about how to purchase the book.

I emailed Fancis and it would appear that at the moment, the book is only available in Hong Kong. Fancis is checking with his publisher how to handle order from overseas, and is going to let me know as soon as he’s got the answer

As soon as I get further information form Francis I will post it here……

It would appear that Francis taught two excellent Revit Structure advanced classes during the Autodesk University 2007 in Las Vegas (11/26-11/30),