Tuesday, 26 June 2012

PAS 1192-2:2012 - Read - Review and Feedback

Following my post about PAS 1192-2:2012 - Building Information Management – Information requirements for the capital delivery of construction projects http://www.bimtaskgroup.org/pas-1192-22012/

IMHO there are too many levels of management and duty owners being proposed, renaming of people within the process i.e. the "Client" used in the RIBA BIM Overlay document and well known is now refereed to as the "Employer" in addition well known named documents are also being renamed, why? There are obvious bottlenecks being built in the proposed processes, etc. 

In its present state it kind of makes you wonder if the people on the committee have actually been involved in the real construction industry or only played SIM city!  (that’s the computer game and not another term for SIM)

Bottom line this document will be ultimately trust down our throats, so take the time to read review and feedback to the committee creating it, to help them get it right.

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