Friday, 3 December 2010

Autodesk University On-Demand is Demanding!

  >>>>>  So why do I give Autodesk a hard time?   <<<<<

I Wonder Why?

 1) I log in
 2) I find the On Demand
3) I try and download the material
 4) It tells me to log in
I log in Again back to step 1)

After a number or tries, re-tries, shutting down my computer
starting again, etc etc etc......

ARHHHHHHHHHH just make the bloody thing work Autodesk will you!.


Steve G. said...

did you register for AU virtual?

Anonymous said...

I have experienced the same thing as I have a premier pass to AUv; but I suspect the premier pass is only good to view any session/material from the virtual session only, NOT the Vegas conference material.

cadalot said...

Oh yes......

I and many others have been having great fun with the stupid interface over the event see the posts below this one.

cadalot said...

Hi Anonymous ~ I had a Premier Pass as well!

Ben May said...

I am in the same boat as well, as a subscription customer I have a premier pass. But after logging in I get the same error.

Luckily a lot of the speakers are just putting the materials onto their own blogs or dropbox locations

The on demand classes work well though, I was able to stream seamlessly. But I tried one live class with little success

Definatly check out Phil Reads Zen Geometry class. Quality 45mins!