Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Addressing the 5 most important BIM questions

Thank Matt for sending me the link to this blog posting from Charles A. Doppleganger over at Eat Your CAD

"Adopting BIM is a difficult and often unrewarding task. As the BIM Manager you are expected to have all the answers to all the questions anyone may ever throw at you. It can be very intimidating being thrown into a high-level meeting and being expected to explain the principles to principals in suits and ties. It’s not quite the same as arguing the case with all your Twitter followers is it? Well, fear not, my avid readers, for I have outlined the 5 most important BIM questions you could be asked below.

The next time you are called over to the project architect’s desk to explain how he should answer a letter from the client, or are heckled by some clever know-it-all at the end of your presentation, refer back to these answers. Everything stated is total, irrefutable fact, and anyone who says any different is welcome to their incorrect, uneducated and frankly idiotic ideas. But not on my blog."

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