Thursday, 12 June 2014

The standard for UK COBie use is available for comment

The standard for UK COBie use is available for comment now at this address: As it will affect all our work for some time to come, I would urge people to read it, comment and encourage others to engage in the process.
This is the only chance we will get to make our voices heard on this!

Number:BS 1192-4



Committee name:Construction design, modelling and data exchange

Review published:29 May 2014

Review end date:31 Jul 2014
Draft Scope:

This British Standard defines a methodology for the transfer between parties of structured information relating to Facilities including buildings and infrastructure. It defines expectations during the design and construction “project” stage prior to handover and acquisition and the subsequent “in-use” stage.

The aim of this standard is to aid the demand side, including employers with portfolio managers, asset managers and facility managers, to specify their expectations and information providers including the lead designers and contractors to prepare concise and accessible information.