Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Q: What's happened at BIM and Beam? - A: Nothing Much

Since Wai Chu the Ex Product Manager for Revit Structure left Autodesk, five people have been allocated to take over his Blog BIM and Beam. And it has to be said it looks like they are just names because since Wai's departure there have been very few posts

4 Post in November (I think Wai was still with them then)
0 in December
1 by the skin of the teeth in January, about a non Revit specific Autodesk Blog in French for god sake.......

The individual who are supposted to be supporting what was a good Revit Structure resource are

Brian Haines
Gary Wyatt
Pawel Piechnik
Sarah Hodges
Tomasz Fudala

So there should be at least Five (Revit Structure Specific) postings a month if you only do one each guys

Two of you are supposed to be specifically taking over and sharing Wai's responsibilities on our behalf. Please introduce yourselves formally on the Blog and at least make it “look as if you” are supporting Revit Structure and it’s users. Because at the moment that isn’t the impression the blog is projecting…

Consider this a kick up the rear from your readership

4/10    See Me ... Do Better ! – The Headmaster ;0)

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Updated free technology preview of Structure Generator for Revit Now Available

Over at It's Alive in the Lab Scott Sheppard have just announced that the Updated free technology preview of Structure Generator for Revit is Now Available.

Structure Generator for Revit is a free technology preview that provides a connection between "massing models and objects created during conceptual design" and "structural elements such as beams, column, walls, and plates."
// Learn more abour Structure Generator for Revit on Autodesk Labs
Software Development Manager, Pawel Kociolek, gave Scott Sheppard an updated installer which he has made available for download. Pawel also noted what's in this update of the technology preview:
  • Capability to generate trusses
  • Capability to generate secondary beams
  • Capability to assign default sections for secondary beams and diagrids
  • Enhanced capabilities (i.e., different settings for X and Y directions) during grid definition
  • Enhanced error reporting
  • Corrections of reported problems
Autodesk conduct technology previews to get Revit User feedback. The technology preview is active until April 1, 2012. At that time, Autodesk need to take the feedback they have received and decide what to do next. Your can help them with that decision by sharing your thoughts at labs.revit.generator@autodesk.com or the discussion forum.

Help Autodesk to develop these items and you might just end up with what you want....

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

VEO - Must See Teaser Trailer Video


You will feel like Johnny 5 after watching the Teaser Trailer Videos and you will definitely need "More Input"

M-SIX State on their Linked-in Company Page

"M-SIX is building VEO™, a cloud-based platform for use in the design, construction, and operation of buildings and other structures.

We have partnered with some of the largest AEC firms in the United States to help us understand their needs and to stress test VEO with large, complex projects. In addition to refining our technology, we are paying a great deal of attention to the "anthropology" – the collaborative workflow.

When connected inefficiently, the tools used in Building Information Modeling add as much friction and complexity as they do valuable insights. Connect these capabilities with a smooth, realtime workflow in which all decision makers have the information they need when they need it – then you will have a solution. Then you will have VEO."

Go Watch 

"GET INPUT" and Blown Away !

"Beautiful VEO™"

This is one program I want to have a play with.

I only hope it's as good as the teaser trailer video.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

UK & Ireland Revit User Groups - Jan 2012 Update

View UK Revit User Groups in a full screen map - Click the map location indicators above for links to web sites and linked-In groups 

London Revit User Group
12th Meeting due 18th January 2012

Bi-Monthly meeting Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov.

Glasgow Revit User Group
  7th Meeting due last week February 2012

Edinburgh Revit User Group
  3rd Meeting Dec 2011 Cancelled due to severe weather
  2nd Meeting was July 2011

Bristol Revit User Group
  5th Meeting due Sept 2011 never materialised
  4th Meeting was May 2011

Revit User Group Leeds
  4th Meeting was 23rd November 2011

Revit Users Ireland Group
  3rd Meeting was 7th December 2011
  2nd Meeting was September 2011

Currently looking into setting up regional groups of Revit Users Ireland, to cater for people who can't make it to the quarterly RUIG meetings in Dublin.

Manchester Revit User Group
  2nd Meeting was 9th November 2011

Revit Midland User Group
Linked-In Group - No actual meetings arranged yet

North East Revit User Group
Linked-In Group - No actual meetings arranged yet