Sunday, 26 February 2012

Room Schedule Training Videos and more....


It’s been some time since I’ve taken the time to punt around YouTube to see what useful stuff has been uploaded. I didn’t have to look very far….Here are some very nice videos that have been Uploaded by DesignInnovations on 23 Feb 2012

DesignInnovations are Enterprise Design and Innovations in Ellensburg Washington, and they post Instructional Videos and projects using SolidWorks Revit and Autocad. At the time of my review there were 254 videos on this channel, including examples of students works,

The Revit material appears to be Tutorials for IET 161, Architectural CAD class in Central Washington University's Construction Management Program.

Room Schedule Part 1, Creating the Schedule
This video describes how to create a Room Schedule for use in your various Revit projects. Uploaded February 23, 2012.

Room Schedule Part 2, Settings and Data
This video discusses some of the options associated with your new Room Schedule and how to add some data for your various Revit projects

Room Schedule Part 3, Data and Key or Room Style Schedule
This video describes how to add more data and how to insert and use a Key Schedule or Room Style Schedule in your Room Schedule for use in your various Revit projects.

Room Schedule Part 4, Data and Key or Room Style Schedule
This video describes more on adding more data using a Key Schedule or Room Style Schedule in your Room Schedule for use in your various Revit projects.

Room Schedule Part 5, Using Sheets and Inserting
This video describes how to insert a sheet and how to insert Project Browser items into that sheet for use in your various Revit projects.

Room Schedule Part 6, Using Sheets and Inserting Items
This video describes more on how to insert a sheet and how to insert Project Browser items into that sheet for use in your various Revit projects.

Room Schedule Part 7, Modifying Sheet Items
This video describes how to make modifications to inserted Project Browser items on your sheets in order to make them look neat and to avoid printing problems when using them in your various Revit projects.

Room Schedule Part 8 Sheets, Insert Room Sched. & Modification
This video describes more how to make modifications to your inserted Room Schedule on your sheets in order to make them look neat and readable when using them in your various Revit projects.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Autodesk BIM Free Training Material

The Autodesk BIM for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Management Curriculum can be freely accessed from here.  

Click on the various Units on the right hand side of the page.
For example, Unit 1 contains links to various whitepapers.

You can view all of the Curriculum videos here.

Another great find by Luke Johnson over at What Revit Wants which he got via: a Google Translate of Education - Curriculums BIM Revit Architecture pour les Professeurs en t�l�chargement gratuit ! - Village BIM

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Autodesk Revit 2012 Video Tutorials for Interior Architects

A nice find by Luke Johnson over on What Revit Wants - A weekly series of Video Tutorials (Over 10 Hours) focusing on Autodesk Revit for Interior Architecture (Designer) Students.

They appear to have been created by a lecturer whos' handle is JBattin83 - Click Here for his YouTube Channel, and it would appear that he is going to create 7 Videos on 3D-Studio Max next...

Week 01 - Introduction to the User Interface, properties and grid lines.
Week 02 - Creation of a model. Grid lines, walls, doors, windows and floors
Week 03 - Object styles, view properties, materials, patterns, ceilings, reflected ceiling plan

Week 04 - The creation of custom families and components.
Week 05 - Family types, parameters, custom wall types and curtain walls.
Week 06 - Part 1 of 2 reviews all of the topics covered in the first five videos.
Week 07 - Part 2 of 2 reviews all of the topics covered in the first five videos.

The last two videos also include file linking and importing, dimensioning, annotations, new sheets and schedules. Reflected ceiling plans and finish plans are also introduced.


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

NBS's National BIM Survey 2012 is NOW available for download

NBS's National BIM Survey has been released and reveals the latest BIM adoption figures.

Use this Link to Download

The annual industry wide survey, carried out by NBS, provides the most comprehensive and accurate picture of UK BIM (Building Information Modelling) and its growing influence within the built environment industry.

NBS's National BIM Survey was completed in late 2011 by nearly 1,000 construction professionals representing a range of business sizes and disciplines from across the industry including architecture, engineering and surveying.
Over 200 RIBA members took were among the participants, making sure the views of the membership came across.
Highlights of the findings include:
78% agree the BIM is the future of project information, though how that future will look is uncertain, with 4 out of five agreeing that the industry is not yet clear enough of what BIM actually is

Almost a third (31%) of construction professionals are now using BIM – up from 13% in 2010

Three quarters of those construction professionals currently aware of BIM predict they will be using it on some projects by the end of 2012, and almost 19 out of 20 people expect to be using it in five years' time

More than 80% agreed BIM increases the coordination of construction documents, with 65% of those using the technology saying BIM delivered cost efficiencies

The report also features several articles form leaders in BIM developments, including:

01 Cover/ Contents Front Page

02 Advert for NBL

03 Introduction
Richard Waterhouse. CEO, NBS and RIBA Enterprises

04 BIM and the UK Construction Strategy
David Philp. Head of BIM Implementation, UK Government Cabinet Office.

06 BIM from the point of view of a small practice
David Miller. Director and Principal Architect, David Miller Architects

08 BIM Survey: Summary of Findings
Adrian Malleson Research and Analysis Manager, NBS

16 What will BIM mean for design fees?
Stephen Hamil Director of Design and Innovation , NBS

18 BIM collaboration and engineering – many heads are better than one
Hannah George Associates – ICT and Security Norman Disney & Young

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

New UK Blog - Revit Sticky Notes

There is a new UK Blog that has recently come to my attention, Its called Revit Sticky Notes (I like the idea behind the name) and it has been up since November 2011. In addition the Author has released some plugin's for Revit.

The Authors name is Rahul Shah and he is currently an Associate/Studio Design Technology Manager at Woods Bagot London studio. He also happens to be a fellow member of LRUG (London Revit User Group)

Current Plugins on his blog include:-

  • Calculate Occupancy Load Plugin
  • Calculate Rentable Area Plugin

There is also a family for 3D Grid Lines

This Blog is going to be added to my watching list, and I suggest you may want to add it to yours.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

BIM and Beam - Three Buses in a Row ;0)


It may be pure coincidence, however since my posting on the 31st January about the lack of effort and posting over at BIM and Beam since Wai Chu moved on from Autodesk from the five nominated Authors (The Famous Five), postings on BIM & Beam are now like London Buses. Nothing for ages then three all come along at once (usually one after the other and not side by side as the picture above).

Squeezed out into the blogger-sphere just after my posting and before midnight on the same day, actually making it two posts in January is  Autodesk ForceEffect Version 2.0 Now Available!

This posting is about a free app available for Apple iPad and iPhone from the iTunes App Store that allows engineers including structural engineers to model and simulate concepts. Real time solving capabilities provide immediate feedback on the performance of a design, enabling you to bring engineering to the point of the problem.

No Author credited for this posting which is a real shame because you don’t get to see which of the famous five suddenly burst into life. Nice posting, actually had something to do with structural engineering.

Then as if a Bear being poked with a stick.......

Two postings ON THE SAME DAY – Bly me!  

The first posting is about  Operating Systems support change for Autodesk products Reporting that there has been an important change to the way Autodesk are support Operating Systems for Autodesk products.  This change directly impacts the Revit family of solutions.  Please see the following link for the change and important details Microsoft Windows Vista Support FAQ, it says

Again NO AUTHOR CREDIT, So no answer as to which of the Famous Five Authors is alive, breathing and blogging?

Then as if to answer the question Pawel Piechnik posts  New structural content for Revit Structure is available straight after on the same day.

It appears Autodesk (Pawel) thinks that they have just uploaded some new country specific, structural .rfa content and templates in the Subscription Centre for you to download.

The delivery includes content for Brazil, Russia and Spain Yipppppeeee for them

However it looks like Pawel may have jumped the gun with his posting because three readers have reported that they can not find the material on the Subscription Centre and are requesting a hyperlink!

OK, ok, I know we asked for some action and more postings on your blog, but you could have scheduled the posting for a couple of days in the future, to make it look like you are continually active on our behalf, or at least ensured the material was actually there before you told the world about it......

I know we the User and never happy :0(   The Headmaster now says  "6/10 Better". Now a plug for things UK based ;0)

Autodesk have asked for feedback about what’s missing out of the box for the UK users, so unless you actually helped Paul Oakley gather feedback for Autodesk – don’t complain if when a similar package arrives for the UK it does not have in it what you would like.

Nuff Said

Friday, 3 February 2012

ANZRS v3 now available!


Its only 6 months ago that ANZRS the Australian and New Zealand Revit Standard Version 2 was released, changes to ANZRS are not expected to be frequent, as the ANZRS Committee understand the effort required to adapt to new standards and practices.  However, they wish to always keep the feedback gates open, and it is feedback from those who have contributed so far that they understand more of how ANZRS can be even better!

The ANZRS committee have kept significant changes to a minimum, as promised, but have worked hard to take all your feedback into consideration and to present a new pack that would be easier to navigate, more helpful and hopefully more practical to implement – to whatever extent you wish to.

Visit the website, register and download version 3.