Wednesday, 29 October 2014

FREE BRE London BIM Networking Event

Join BRE's free BIM Networking Event
See how BRE can help you and your business
become BIM Level 2 ready
By 2016 all Government procured buildings will have to be BIM level 2 compliant. 
Is your business ready for this change? 
Find out how BRE can help you and your business achieve this target with offerings from our specialists within the UK's leading BIM certification, training, and consultancy teams. 
Tuesday 11th November 2014
The Building Centre
Store Street
1.30pm Registration and Coffee
2pm Welcome and Introduction
2.15pm Are you BIM Level 2 Ready? (Paul Oakley, Associate Director, BRE BIM)
An overview of the requirements to get your company BIM Level 2 ready.
2.45pm Business Certification (Stephen Farrow Certification Manager BRE)
Benefits and process to get your business Certificated for BIM Level 2.
3.10pm Case Study BDP Business Certification (Alistair Kell BDP Director of Information and Technology)
BDP take you through the journey to get BRE BIM Business Certification scheme.
3.30pm Coffee and Network session
3.45pm Getting to grip with your BIM authoring tools (Dave Dalton and Nigel Guy CAD Spec).
An Autodesk Authorised Reseller and Training Centre take you through the tools, training and support required.
4.05pm Delivering a Common Data Environment
An overview of the delivery of a Common Data Environment and how crucial it is to the BIM Level 2 strategy.
4.25pm Training Requirements for BIM Level 2. (Mike Jaggs Associate Director, BRE Academy.)
This session provides an overview of the BRE training and education programmes needed to understand the scheme standards, methods and processes for BIM level 2 certification.
4.45pm Questions and Answer Session
5pm Close
For further information on the event and to discuss the BIM services BRE offer Click Here.
Best Regards
BIM Team
BRE, Building 1, Bucknalls Lane, Watford WD25 9XX

T 0845 8630014 E

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Autodesk FREE BIM Pilot Deployment Workbook

Crazy I know but there are companies out there that are just getting there first taste of BIM and Autodesk recently sent me an email which I would like to share here. Shame they don't provide a Word Version of the document that could be used directly.

Get your free BIM Pilot Deployment Workbook
Building Information Modeling (BIM) helps firms like yours reduce rework, improve efficiency, and win new projects. Launching and running a BIM pilot project is the first step to firm-wide adoption. Stop wondering about BIM, and start seeing the benefits on real projects.
The Autodesk® BIM Pilot Deployment Workbook can help you move your firm to BIM. It all starts with selecting the right BIM pilot project, leadership from you, and a solid plan. The free workbook takes a step-by-step approach to help you realize the benefits of BIM sooner.
Find resources that can help you launch and run a successful BIM pilot project.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

New BIM+ Website of the Chartered Institute of Building

BIM4Housing plans workshops around real-life case studies The BIM4Housing work group, set up by the government's BIM Task Force earlier this year, is launching a a series of introductory BIM workshops for the house building sector around the..

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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Revit 2015 Detail Component Reference Guide

I normally review and produce a reference guide to what has been added and subtracted from the families library and it's structure for each version, but with setting up my own company, life the universe and everything else I have not produced one for 2015 and it seems unlikely to happen for 2016.  

Lawrence Hooker over at Autodesk Revit Structure however has produced a 30 page PDF document that outlines each detail component and where it is located within the folder system. Which will assist new users in locating 2D detail items from the standard Autodesk Revit 2015 library. I have uploaded a

Revit 2D Detail Items

Visit Lawrence's blog to download Click Here

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Received an email from Cadalyst about the white paper just as I'm involved on a job where they are about to use 3D model printing
Fused Deposition Modeling™ (FDM®) and PolyJet® are two of the most advanced and effective additive manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing technologies available.  They span the range from budget-friendly, desktop modeling devices to large-format, factory-floor equipment that draw from the capital expenditure budget, and can produce a range of output from precise, finely detailed models to durable production goods. While there is crossover in applications and advantages, these two technology platforms remain distinct and bring different benefits.
Learn more about the differences between these two technologies to select the right one for your application, demands and constraints.

Friday, 10 October 2014

BIM ebook from Autodesk

I've just received an email from Autodesk re BIM so looks like they are not pushing the cloud all the time and have decided to push a bit of BIM again. I am truly amazed that there are still people out there attending seminars about what BIM is or isn't and now they are even paying for the privilege!



Wednesday, 8 October 2014

LRUG / Ideate Inc Meeting 27th October - Master the Revit [DATA] Model

Join Ideate Software, in support of LRUG, for an evening seminar dedicated to those who want to step up their Building Information Modeling with Revit. Best in class BIM means mastering not just the design and the 3D modeling, it also requires mastering the data. This seminar is designed for BIM Managers, Project Engineers, Architects, and anyone responsible for the bottom line on Revit projects.

To be held at the Building Centre 26 Store Street London WC1E 7BT

Registration at

5:30pm-6:00pm – Refreshments, Networking & Introductions

6:00pm-6:30pm - London Revit User Group

6:30pm-7:15pm – Auditing Your Revit Project with Ideate Explorer for Revit

7:15pm-8:00pm – Mastering Your Revit Data With 
Ideate BIMLink