Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Autodesk Ideastation - worth a look

OK I had missed this one, but now I have found it I've added it to my blog so I can remember where to find it.

Basically Ideastation is where users can go to give product enhancement ideas. You can filter the site by product as well so you can see just the ideas for Revit, AutoCAD, Inventor and any other product Autodesk offers.

You can search to see if what you were wanting has already been asked for and if it has you can give it "Kudos" basically liking it showing Autodesk how many people really want this idea. As well as see what comments have been added some are work arounds people have been using that might be helpful until the idea is implemented.

You can also see the stage it is at some ideas are in Review others have been accepted. It is a great way as a user to get your ideas or wants out there and you might be surprised how many other people want them too.

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