Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Trimble Acquires CSC, Maker of Structural Analysis Software

Interesting times ahead, especially as Trimble have those companies & brands in bold below already 

Extract from Press Release

Trimble Buildings, a part of Trimble's Engineering and Construction Segment, is a world leader in construction project optimization across the design-build-operate (DBO) lifecycle. By providing intuitive software and field solutions that span the brands of Meridian Systems, Plancal, SketchUp, Tekla, Trade Service, Vico Software and WinEst, Trimble is dedicated to helping building owners and AEC service providers improve productivity, increase efficiencies and maximize profitability of construction projects across the entire workflow from simulation to renovation. Used in over 141 countries around the world and supported by a global dealer and distribution partner network, precision Trimble technology is a mainstay of the building industry. Trimble Buildings' leading technology platform, Trimble DBO, draws on unparalleled expertise from across the entire continuum to provide building professionals with a comprehensive solution that responds to their specialized needs while benefiting from an understanding of the total workflow at every step.


Thursday, 21 November 2013

Daylighting Analysis for Revit Now Available on Autodesk Labs

The Revit Daylighting Analysis plug-in uses the Autodesk 360 Rendering cloud service to provide very fast and physically accurate daylighting analysis from within Revit. It was specifically designed for architects to be able to use without learning the difference between types of sky models, or topics like direct normal incident or direct horizontal radiation. Instead you just specify if you want the whole building analyzed or just one or more floors and kick the analysis off.

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Change to Autodesk Cloud Credit Allocation

 Change To Autodesk Cloud Credit Allocation

On the 13th December 2013, Autodesk will be changing the way existing Subscription, Rental Plan and standalone Autodesk cloud service customers get provisioned their cloud credits.  Each named user will receive 100 distinct and user-specific cloud credits, rather than all of the credits being pooled on the contract and shared between eligible users. Any existing Cloud units that are assigned to the contract will expire when your subscription contract is due for renewal. 
Source Excitech Newsletter

Friday, 8 November 2013

PAS 1192-3 out for Comment Until the 2nd December

PAS 1192-3 Draft Scope:

This PAS specifies requirements for achieving BIM Level 2 in relation to the operation and maintenance of assets (buildings and infrastructure).

It covers the data transfer processes to inherit asset information from the project information model (PIM) or to create an asset information model (AIM) for an existing asset or portfolio of assets, to use it to support organizational requirements, to revise it as the asset changes, and to hold it as a resource for the owners, operators and maintainers of the asset.

This PAS does not cover data content but does cross-refer to broad headings and documents which define data content.

This PAS is for use by organizations and individuals responsible for the operation, maintenance and strategic management of assets. In particular, it is of use to individuals involved in transferring data from the PIM to an AIM utilised by the organization.

NOTE An organization may apply this PAS without necessarily needing to use BIM Level 2. However, an organization required to apply BIM Level 2 to the operational phase of an asset would need to apply this PAS.
To download a copy for review click Here


Thursday, 7 November 2013

Autodesk Provides 3D Design in a Browser, an Industry First

Collaboration with Amazon Web Services, OTOY and NVIDIA Enables Developers to Access Powerful 3D Modeling from Anywhere, Anytime, with Any Device Using a Simple Web Browser




SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 05, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Autodesk, Inc. customers will now be able to access Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3ds Max design tools via a web browser. For the first time ever, customers can access full-fledged 3D design, engineering and entertainment work in a browser without sacrificing performance, power or functionality.
Read more HERE It's going to change the shape of using and buying software.....
It starts to make one think, what about poor souls who don't have good stable fast internet connection?
What happens if your broadband goes down?
What is it going to cost for existing customers with software and subscription and new customers?

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Tekla have released an Educational version of their software

It's interesting that Tekla have released an Educational version of their software. below are details that you get to see once registered. In some way's as a Revit User I'm half tempted to download and use this resource to see how the other half live.

It has to be said, being made redundant and deciding to set up as a one man band Limited company has brought home to me just how expensive BIM software actually is. Hopefully NanoCAD are looking at NanoBIM and ultimately we will be able to source 3D parametric modelling BIM software at a reasonable price.

Knowing Tekla increases your opportunities to land a job you like. Register for Tekla Campus now.

You can still get educational versions of Autodesk software from Here

Tekla Structures Learning is educational student configuration of Tekla Structures BIM software. Tekla Structures Learning includes the functionality of Tekla Structures full configuration, excluding the steel and precast fabrication functionality. The licensing terms limit the usage of Tekla Structures Learning for educational use only. Production use is prohibited.

Tekla Structures Learning configuration produces educational output:
  • Building information models created or saved with Tekla Structures Learning are educational models. They are compatible with Tekla Structures Educational configuration, but they cannot be opened in commercial configurations of Tekla Structures.
  • Drawings created or saved with Tekla Structures Learning display a watermark stamp inscribed with Tekla Structures Educational text.
Tekla Structures Learning installation package contains a ready-to-run 32-bit test version of the software with the default settings. Additional country-specific settings for Tekla Structures Learning are available for installation at the Tekla Campus website. Tekla supports the latest version of Tekla Structures Learning. The supported hardware and operating system setup for Tekla Structures Learning is listed as follows:
  • Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1, Windows Vista SP2, Windows XP SP3
  • 3 GB RAM - Graphics card with Open GL support
  • Mouse with middle-button scroll
  • Internet connection
Tekla Campus user account acts as license key for Tekla Structures Learning configuration. Tekla grants registered Tekla Campus user a 4 month student license to use Tekla Structures Learning configuration and Tekla Campus web service for educational purposes.

Tekla Structures Learning license limits the usage of Tekla Structures Learning into one concurrent online session at a time. For occasional offline use, Tekla Structures Learning works without active internet connection for 24 hours at a time.

Tekla Campus discussion forum is the primary support channel for Tekla Structures Learning configuration. Tekla experts are available to help at the forum, and all Tekla Campus users are allowed and warmly encouraged to help each other here. The language of the Tekla Campus forums is English.