Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Advanced Detailing Tutorial for Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011

On Saturday, 25 September 2010 I posted RAC2011 ~ Video Tutorials ~ Getting Started  About a nice set of Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011 video tutorials that I had found on YouTube ~ They have been created by Autodesk Student Expert Tu Graz, Marvi Barsha, Klaus Hyden and Philipp Muller who give Special thanks to Bjorn Wittenberg and Herbert Bickelmann. These were part 1 in a series of 3 video tutorials.

Then on Sunday, 26 September 2010, I posted about RAC2011- Professional Mass Modeling & Rendering Tutorials which is part 3 in the series of 3 videos that had already been produced in German then re-released in English.

I said that when they release the second in the series I would let you know. Guess what? They released these on the 11th October on YouTube and now all three series with their handounts, datasets and listings to Youtube have an Aurodesk Web Page

As you and I know Autodesk screw around with their web site on a regular basis and what might be there one day is gone forever on another. So below find links to the youtube videos. I suggest you harvest whilst you can, Enjoy....

Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011-
Advanced Detailing Tutorials for Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011 English Tutorial 2/3

These tutorials are dedicated to the detail planning. In the next 12 steps you will learn how to draw details and you will see how easy it is to create the construction documentation.

"Advanced Detailing" is the second set of tutorials of a series of 3 tutorials for Revit Architecture 2011. These tutorial are based on the first tutorial "Getting Started". To learn more important features of Revit 2011, Autodesk recommend you to watch the 3rd tutorial series "Professional mass modeling".

Step00/12 - Introduction (0:48)
Step01/12Project settings (5:11)
Step02/12 - Override graphics in view, link a Revit project, import a dwg (3:40)
Step03/12 - Bearing structure (5:23)
Step04/12 - Roof and roof joins (7:22)
Step05/12 - Renovation plan (6:21)
Step06/12 - Wall sweep and reveal, create inplace component (5:59)
Step07/12 - Sloped insulation, multi layered wall and wall joins (5:02)
Step08/12 - Lines, create line type, callout (4:40) 
Step09/12 - Masking region, filled region, repeating detail component, detail component (5:03)                        
Step10/12 - Cut profile, tag material, element keynote (4:47)               
Step11/12 - Linework, view range, plane region (4:50)               
Step12/12 - Title block, legend component, print and export (4:22)

Here is a link to the Autodesk Web Page that has the Handouts, Tutorial file and links to all three sets of videos in English

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