Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Scott Grant is running the Edinburgh Marathon for Parkinson's UK

Scott Grant of Excitech, LRUG, GRUG, ERUG, and anywhere else where there is a pub or beer is getting fit-ish and fundraising. He says... 
"After too many years of living the life of a couch potato, I have gotten myself fit (well fit-er) and decided to participate in the 2011 Edinburgh Marathon as part of the Parkinson’s UK team.
Aside from a long held desire to compete in a marathon, I wanted to do something worthwhile for a cause that was close to my heart.
The only choice I could make here was to support Parkinson’s UK, as this was the debilitating illness that robbed my Grandfather of any quality of life in the last 5 years he had with us before he passed away.  He was an inspiration to me and to this day, still one of the best natured people I have ever met.  His warmth was palpable, his wisdom extensive and I owe him an eternal debt for teaching me good manners and what it really means to be a gentleman.  He contributed so much to making me what I became, and it still pains me that he never really got to comprehend my success because of this condition; as I know it would have made him so proud."
Pop over to his Just Giving fund raising page, and see video of him him training. It's a great cause, my father ended up in a nursing home with Parkinsons because he needed 24/7 care that could not be provided at home, so I can understand why the cause is close to Scotts heart.
Scott, Last time I saw legs like that was Rod Hulls Emu! 


Scott Grant said...

Thanks Alan for this generous endorsement of my appeal and first attempt at a marathon! I also appreciate the comparison to Emu, I'm sure there's a compliment in there somewhere! ;)

Unknown said...

Good luck to, Scott! He is a better man than I if he can do his training the snow. May the day of the race be a bit warmer. I will be cheering for you as well as supporting your most noble cause.

Scott Grant said...

Thanks Roopinder! It's hard to express exactly how much encouragement all this support is giving me right now; but it's considerable and I really appreciate it!