Friday, 22 June 2012

Revit content updates from Simpson Strong-Tie

Just recieved this in my in-box and thought I would share:-

Thank you for your interest in receiving Revit content updates from Simpson Strong-Tie. We have revised our web page for Revit content to align with our new direction in Revit Family development. The page has been divided into 3 categories: 3D BIM Models, 2D Detailed Components and 3D Legacy Models.

The 3D Legacy Models are our previously developed 3D Families and continue to be available for your use. These models were developed previously and do not reflect Autodesk Seek-compliant methods and provide limited practical usability as 3D BIM Families.

We now have dedicated resources to develop a comprehensive library of 3D BIM Models. It is our intent to replace the  legacy models with the new 3D BIM Models. The 3D BIM Models listed on our site are our most recently developed 3D Revit Families that contain relevant BIM information and have been developed with a better understanding of how 3D BIM models are used. We will continue to provide 2D Detailed Components as needed. Please visit our Revit site at the following link:

We will continue to notify you as new Revit Families are posted. The needs of our customers are very important to us. Please continue to provide your comments and suggestions.

Thank you,
Simpson Strong-Tie


Erik said...

Simpson Strong-Tie content from a couple of years ago had GIANT file sizes. That's not the case today. They look pretty good.

Still not sure why you would populate your model with Clip Connectors and Mechanical anchors, but if you needed too... these aren't so bad.

cadalot said...

Think small - you can uee these for producing some nice standard 3D details. As an example a common problem with timber roofs is the missing or poorly fitted straps along the gable etc.