Friday, 29 January 2010

An Overview of Revit Wood Wall Framing Extension

Autodesk - 26th January 2010

A 20-minute overview of the Revit Wall Framing Extension, which is available in the Revit Subscription Advantage Pack.

Hooray! Wood wall framing in Revit Architecture! (and Revit Structure, and Revit MEP)


Daryl Gregoire said...

Cool app. I installed and it took me about 3-4 hours of solid tinkering but I think I got it figured out !

Dan B said...

Under schedule properties and then under the formatting tab select the field and check calculate totals.

John 5pence7 said...

will this also do floor framing?

cadalot said...

Dude it's a wood wall framing extension the answers in the title