Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Finally CSC Intergration Tool for Revit Structure 2012


It's great to see that after six months from the launch of  2012 CSC have finally released their new BIM integration tool, Revit Integrator. This unique and free tool enables structural engineers and technicians to synchronize models between Autodesk Revit Structure and CSC's steel building design software, Fastrak, and concrete building design software, Orion.

Why has it taken so long and why is the download file size 10x that of previous versions, because CSC software also includes all the families it need to operate without having to rely on the families provided by Autodesk.

As Yoda would say "Worried Am I" yet another source of families to validate or worry about.

The link over at BIM and Beam is broken and gives a 404 error message so use This One to get to press release page about the software and This Link to get you straight to the download page.

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