Friday, 5 February 2010

CADClip Video on Wood Framing Walls Extension

Daryl Gregoire over at Revit Rocks! saw my posting about the Wood Framing Wall Extension available for free to all REVIT subscription members.

It took him a solid 15-20 hours of tinkering before he could get it to create what he wanted in a single attempt, however there were MANY failed attempts.
I feel really responsible for the solid 15-20 hours of tinkering Daryl and hope you’re not in the dog house with your wife?

He suggests in his video that there are a few things that need to get 'fixed' with this REVIT extension before it's 100% ready for the market but it has amazing potential.

He went from being excited to being disappointed no less than 5 times but is back to being excited again . . .(Glad to hear that Daryl)

Pop over to his blog to view the CADClip Tutorial he has produced.


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