Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Autodesk 10% reduction in staff

I've been a little light on posts on the Learning Curve due to a healthy amount of projects awaiting my attention and the rebuilding of the LRUG London Revit User Group new web site. 

I had lined up someone from Autodesk to present at LRUG in March, but it appears he will no longer be working for them as a result of the Autodesk 10% reduction in staff.   

"As we progress through our business model transition, we continue to take a comprehensive look at our company to see where we can be more effective and efficient. To realize maximum value for both our customers and shareholders, and as a follow-on to previously discussed cost reduction actions, we are restructuring so we can focus resources on areas that will accelerate the move to the cloud and transition to a subscription-based business," said CEO Carl Bass.

Thanks for that Carl that's of real value to me as a customer and someone who runs a User Group for Autodesk products.

Actually there are lot's of us out there that don't want to use the bleeding cloud! Especially last week with BT and VIrgin when we lost our internet connection for a day, it was like going back to the early days of LAN's and not wanting a Network copy of your software.   


This post    states 

However, postings on discussion board from users claiming to be Autodesk employees suggest that cuts may, if anything, be even more severe in the product development teams.
As yet, the reports are uncorroborated, but we’ve contacted Autodesk, and will update if we hear back.

Here is an interesting and informative Post

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