Friday, 28 July 2017

A More LT Version of LT

Post have been on the thin side on this blog primarily because I don't really have a need for full blown Revit these days populated with lots of information. I'm more into the BM than the BIM for small domestic schemes that I do these days.

As and existing Avanquest Software customer I was offered 3D Architect Express version 18 software for £10 usual RRP £25.99 and thought why the hell not, lets have a play and see how user friendly it is. 

I had a scheme where the client was having trouble visualising the 2D plan I had sent her. In no time at all I had made two models.

The software is extremely intuitive to use and I had not looked at any of the videos, which I will do now to see what else I can get out of it. Placing a camera in the corner of a room and looking at the opening in the wall between the Kitchen & Rear Reception from the front reception was a piece of cake, I should have made the stairs a little longer but I was just playing. 

As Version 19 has just been released I'm sure I will be offered a cut price update shortly. I did ask if I could jump onto beta testing but it appears that's not possible at the moment. 

For more information about the different flavours of 3D Architect see here

There is defiantly a need for a much lighter and much cheaper version of Revit LT especially for the smaller practice. Hell I may have to take another look at dare I say it Sketchup ! and other economically priced 3D offerings.

Personally I like to own my software and not use it off a cloud based system or pay as you go format, if its reasonably priced I will update it if the updates and improvements are actually worth it. IMHO there was no need for most of the improvements in AutoCAD after the 2004 version.

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