Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Creating Small Movement Joints In Concrete Elements

Here is a question from a thread on the RST AUGI forum that I answered,and then found one of my guys having the same problem.

Q: So I have a building that requires an expansion joint, between grid lines. So I have one beam canted off of one column, and I have another beam I'm trying to cantilever off the other column.

So here's my question. How the heck do you get them to not join. I've been banging my head against the desk for the last 2 hrs trying to get this to work. As soon as I get within 12" of the other they join. Do I need to tell my Architect that he has to deal with a 12" expansion joint because Revit won't model it right.

A:  Workaround ~ draw a slim column in the location of the movement joint, the one in my example is 20mm wide and the depth is greater than the width of the concrete beam. The I changed the material to glass and connected the beam to the face of the glass column. finally I hid the glass column in the view. Thus 20mm Movement joint and no auto joining.

Revit Factory  

There has to be an easier way of dealing with this....
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Jeremy Deal said...

AMEN on the 2012 wishlist brother! Great blog btw. Thanks

James Abram said...

Now, that was an awesome and difficult problem to solve! By the way, you can try GCK International if you are planning to do this in real life.