Friday, 29 July 2011

The Building Coder - Revit API Training Material

Jeremy Tammik over at The Building Coder has just posted that:-

"The Revit 2012 API training material that we use for our ADN trainings is now available online to the general public from the Revit Developer Center. Here is a direct link to it, with no guarantee that it will remain valid in future.
It includes three subfolders:
  • Labs
  • Presentation
  • Sample Drawing
These are the Powerpoint presentations used for the training:
  • 0_Revit_Programming_Training_Class.pptx – Overview
  • 1_Revit_API_Intro.pptx – Basics
  • 2_Revit_UI_API.pptx – User Interface and Events
  • 3_Revit_Family_API.pptx – Family API
The labs parallel the three main presentations:
  • 1_Revit_API_Intro – Basics
  • 2_Revit_UI_API – User Interface and Events
  • 3_Revit_Family_API – Family API "
To read more Click Here to get to the original posting.

The London Revit User Group ran an evening about Revit API's a few months ago, so this may be of interest to those members that attended the evening.

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