Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The “I” in BIM - Borehole Record Viewer

Ok a couple of months ago I posted about construction related Information that is map based and available on the web.

As a company Scott White and Hookins have been moving towards becoming as environmentally friendly as possible fro some time, and paper free as possible and have created their own database linked to Google Earth than holds all the borehole and site investigation on projects that we have been involved with.

As an ex-Local Authority Senior Structural Engineer we also kept (be it in paper and working towards a GIS system) a complete archive of all borehole and site investigation report submitted to the Authority for reference.

Now you can access a similar level of information directly over the internet using the Borehole record viewer on the British Geological Survey web site

Click on Go to Location

Pop in the post code of your site (here I’m using the Carshalton London House office post code.

Click on the nearest bore hole the ordinance Survey TQ sheet reference pops up with the coordinates of the borehole and its’ depth.

Click view on line and you have access to the borehole records – in this case dating back to 1909

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