Friday, 6 November 2015

Revit & Dynamo - What Is It & How Do I Use It?

Dynamo is a new way or working with Revit, its an open source application not owned by Autodesk (yet) but it has been shipped with Revit since 2015. It adds intelligence and extends the logic & functionality of Revit. It's a very visual programming language that allows you to add behaviour to the model that makes it easy to automate tasks.

Below are a couple of recent webinars that have introduced Dynamo to users.

This recorded webinar will introduce you to Dynamo, an open-source add-in for Autodesk Revit. Dynamo gives Revit users a fundamentally new way of working, with new tools to solve design problems. Learn how this easy-to-learn visual programming environment has practical uses in in your day-to-day Revit work.

Dynamo is creating waves in the industry as a visual programming tool that greatly extends the power of Revit. At the end of this presentation you will understand what Dynamo does very well and how it can help you improve quality, simplify design iterations and reduce tedious tasks in Revit.

There are going to be many videos on this subject but here are just a few to get you going from AutodeskEd keep an eye out on AU this year as there are bound to be masses of Dynamo classes

Part 1A - Getting Situated  
Part 1B - Getting Started with Nodes
Part 2A - Basic List Management
Part 2B - Nested List Management
Part 3A - Computational Logic
Part 3B - Computational Logic  
Part 4A - Parametric Assembly
Part 4B - Parametric Assembly
Part 5A - Advanced Topics - Custom Nodes
Part 5B - Advanced Topics - Python Programming

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