Sunday, 6 January 2008

Q: When is a Column not a Column? - Part 3

At the Excitech UK Revit Group London meeting in December 2007, I spoke to Chris George of CSC providers of Fastrak who were there do a presentation on “Fastrak and Revit Structure effective Integration”

He informed me Autodesk dictated to CSC that the prefix library be used i.e. UC152x152x23 and not 152x152x23UC. He also told me that Fastrak users will have problems if they mix family formats in a model. He later confirmed this in he presentation.

He also told us that for the most effective links use Fastrak Building Designer Version 7
With the latest patch (currently) = #4 and Revit Structure 2008 With the patch # 2 and NOT patch 3.

It would appear that Patch 3 introduced to fix issues with cellular beams, but introduces some unfortunate side effects – these have been reported to Autodesk by CSC.

In My Humble Opinion

Its about time Autodesk got it’s act together, this is not rocket science. Either sort the problem out with the UK Steel families or at least add a readme file in the folder to explain.

Ummm let’s see, if they had done that perhaps they would have found that there system was not really a system.

What these families need is an additional field called notation or name or something where the type is not used to name the section on the drawing. That can’t be to difficult to add can it?

When are the Corus Advance sections going to be added? They have been around since September 2006

Now will that be UKC152x152x23, or 152x152x23UKC, or 152x152UKC23 or a 152UKC23

One family with a method or changing the name displayed on the drawing or four families which will promote problems with analytical software?

Lets see that the next version of Revit Structure brings

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and these profiles STILL are not right - check the PFC (or the mysterious PFCH) profiles out. If THAT is a PFC then I'm the Queen of Sheeba.