Sunday, 10 May 2009

Autodesk Revit Structure Old Tutorials on Resource Center

Autodesk Revit Structure Resource Center has free tutorials ........ Yipeeeeee

Problem is most are Revit Structure 2008 ......... Boooo Boooo Hiss Hiss

Come on Autodesk, get them up to date and show off Revit using your new User Interface and 2010!

The site says:-

"Get the most out of Revit® Structure with these free tutorials. Each one contains valuable information but is only a few minutes long, so you can watch them as many times as you like.
View each tutorial online by clicking on its title."

But it would be nice to see the program flown using the new UI

Single Model for Both Structural Analysis and Documentation
Bidirectional Associativity Between Model and Views
Construction Documents
Structural Details
Import/Export in DWG/DXF/DGN/IFC and CIS/2 formats
Bidirectional Links with Analysis Packages
Multiple Materials
Structural Parametric Components
Multi-users Worksharing
Interoperability with Revit Architecture .


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