Monday, 5 July 2010

AEC (UK) BIM Standard for Autodesk Revit (The Holy Grail of BIM?)

The search for the Holy Grail of BIM Standards may be over, or has the journey only just begun?

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A workable implementation of the AEC (UK) BIM Standard for the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry in the UK. (So it says on the cover).

The committee that put this document together had representatives from architecture, engineering and construction companies in the UK, large small, hence the adoption of the AEC (UK) moniker.

If nothing else it’s a fantastic starter for 10, and needs to be examined and considered before setting up your own standards (Why re-create the wheel when someone else has already done it?)

There is to be a presentation by Paul Woddy at the next LRUG meeting on the 19th July, and a group discussion between members afterwards.


OK in answer to It's only a model!

James Posted that he could not download the document from Googledocs ~ I've checked it out and the preview is gone! but you can still download to open or save see below


Gabe Cottam said...


*it's only a model*

Unknown said...

arrgh it says document not found...has the grail been moved!

cadalot said...

The Grail is still there it appears that the preview has gone walkabout thats all.

You can still open or save the document see bottom of original posting for screenshot