Friday, 6 April 2012

Errors Installing Revit Structure 2013 and Design Review

As I'm having a lazy Bank Holiday I thought I would have a look to see if Revit Structure Suite 2013 had made the subscription centre, and it had, so with due diligence I downloaded the files and installed....

Within the first ten minutes of the install I had two error messages

The first was this

I had a look at the file it was having problems with, it's there and a day later than all the others in the directory, but appears corrupted as I can't obtain properties, preview or open with infranview dispite just being a graphic file.

OK it Design Review and Not Revit so after Ignoring as Retry didn't work we moved on about two minutes then I got the next error message.

I have no idea what WhipFilter.dll is or what does but it has not registered and it's suggested I contact my support personnel !

OK I'm at home it's a weekend, I will ask my IT support guy next wednesday when I see him, or perhaps just download design review and install again

Finally I get this screen

I've apparently successfully  installed everything...... Umm it seems to have missed the two error messages for Design Review that its' presented and the advice to contact my support person.

So if you're out there, and you are having the same problem, you are not on your own ;0)

If and when I find out what WhipFilter.dll is and what is not going to happen as a result, and what the missing png file affect I will let you know. If I don't just un-install and re-install after downloading Design Review 2013 on it's own.

One year, just one year to would be so good for Autodesk software to install with no problems..... I can dream can't I?

The install, including errors took just under an hour after I had downloaded the files which I didn't bother to time, as I said it's a lazy bank holiday, I just set them to download and enjoyed the sun in the garden.


I un-installed Design Review 2013 when to the Autodesk web site to re-install and get the following error message when I try to install

After multiple tries of checking my internet connection it still will not install

Now trying to download the file from here and reading the Installation Guide , it appears I'm not on my own and this suggestion has come from the Autodesk discussion groups.

I had trouble downloading the setupDesignReview2013.exe, I don't think my virus protection software liked it, but I did manage to download the unpacked it and installed a working copy of Design Review 2013 without any bugs..... Yippppppeeeeeee


Anonymous said...

Any chance these errors have something to do with Windows XP? XP is almost a dozen years old now.

cadalot said...

There appears to be a problem with the unpacked and installed png file and I've not had a similar problem with all the other png files on the computer so I'm kinda guessing not. Do you work for Autodesk because it's a classic question they would ask ;0)