Monday, 16 April 2012

Revit 2013 Downloads Please Hold Again and Again

As recorded by Steve Stafford on Friday 13th (Not a good day anyway), Autodesk were having problems, today I went to download the my upgrade of Autodesk Building Design Suite - Premium 2013 only to be informed I don't have one dispite the button now being displayed

So I left it a litle while, and now when I go into the Subscription Area the now famous and previously reported message from Steve Stafford is back......

Come on Autodesk get your bloody act together will you, every year we have this problem, AU 2010 virtual was a wash out, luckily I was too busy to bother with AU2011 and you expect us to ultimately use your software on the cloud .......... I don't think so do you?


Anonymous said...

Jack ass... If you hate it just don't use it nor blog it!

cadalot said...

I Blog my dear Anonymous Numpty because I love the program NOT Autodesk, It's called customer feedback and if they take notice they improve the servive to all customers.

I have a mix of positive and negative comments, as I'm not an Autodesk Kiss Ass (using your terms of reference), and they have the choice and power to convert the negative feedback into positive actions and results.